God takes care of the righteous

God takes care of the righteous

Written by: Bessie Wong | Published: Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Marko from Finland doesn't always know if he will have work in two weeks time, but he knows he can trust in God’s word.

He is cheerful and hard working. Marko, the Australian-born Finn is a self-employed carpenter, and the father of two little boys. On his hobby list, there are music—both listening and playing—and inventing. “I often spend an hour so I can save 15 minutes. But then I save 15 minutes next time too, and that's fun!” he says, describing how much he enjoys it. “Though I admit that it doesn't always out work that way,” he adds humorously.

Maybe that is why he chose to become a carpenter, with work ranging from installing kitchens to helping to design fairs, even thought he is originally trained as a cabinet maker. “I do building, I drive the car, work on the computer, and speak on the phone...” But what is the best part of his job? “The best part is meeting lots of different people.”

However, his job has a downside, too.

“On average I can only be sure of work for the next two weeks,” says Marko. As the father of a growing young family, this can be especially difficult for the 29-yeard-old. But for him, trusting in God’s word with simple faith is the way to overcome thoughts of anxiety.

“Sometimes when it feels hard, and I ask myself: ‘Can God be trusted?’ What a ridiculous question! Of course I can trust in God! The Bible is full of verses that God will take care of the righteous, and that there's no need to worry.”

When he started his own company, he was once unemployed for about a month. Anxiety came, and he became quite upset about the situation. Then he was reminded of a Bible verse: “In everything give thanks”. He started to thank God, and two minutes later he received a phone call—and it was one of the best job offers he ever had.


“With this experience, and many others after that, I have noticed that God had a plan ready even before I was aware of the situation at all! And not just a plan, but He has prepared everything.”

His faith in God has given Marko peace of mind, but there is something he wants to clarify. “Trust in God doesn't make you lazy, but it gives you extra power to work, and to be happy and content.”

“Have I experienced difficult situations? Yes! Difficulties? No!” he concludes brightly.


Just before this interview was going to be published, I got an email from Marko which includes these sentences:
“… in a month's time I'll be starting a new job. An easier job with a better pay. God has taken care of us again—like always before.”
You can't tell Marko that God can't be trusted!

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