What do YOU believe in?

What do YOU believe in?

Written by: Sven-Egil Risnes | Place: Leon, Mexico | Published: Friday, November 25, 2011

Faith is fundamental to Christianity – faith in God, in Jesus as our Savior, and in the assurance that God has forgiven all our sins. But what about the future? What is the outcome of your faith?

It is good to know that everything you have done in the past has been put right, but what about the future, once the past is forgiven and forgotten? Is it the intention that you should continue doing the same wrong things for which you received forgiveness?

It is not enough merely to believe that God exists. 

“It is not enough merely to believe that God exists. He will also help me get justice,” explains Sverre Riksfjord in his message at the conference in Mexico. 

He is referring to Luke 18, about the widow who would not give up until she had obtained justice from her adversary.

“What is justice for me?” asks Sverre. “It is that I overcome all conscious sin. That is faith that must become works in my life.” 

"That is faith that must become works in my life.” 

The more than 60 participants at the conference, most of them Mexicans, are members of Brunstad Christian Church. They listen attentively to what Riksfjord is saying. 

One of them is 40-year-old Horacio Lazcano from Leon, Mexico. 

“I used to belong to a different Christian assembly,” he says. “I have always heard about the forgiveness of sins, but I actually never believed that I could be finished with the sin that dwells within me. I did not know about that until I heard the gospel that is preached in the church.” 

He continues by telling us that he became a member of Brunstad Christian Church two years ago, along with his wife and their three children.

“In many ways, life is the same as it was before. My wife and I both work, and our children go to school; but the gospel that I have heard has given me a completely new dimension and a good life.

He thinks a bit before adding, 

“I don’t become a better person merely by believing in forgiveness. However, when I also believe that God can help me to completely cease from impatience – that will make me a better person. That will make me a better father for my children – one day at a time. 

Proudly, his wife tells us that they are expecting another child in December – a girl. 

“We have not yet decided what to name her, but I am certain that she will have a good and secure childhood.” 

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