Thought for the day

Whoever wants to serve will quickly find someone to serve.

Help pull the load, instead of being on the load.

Great is the person who is able to make others great.

Do not be as afraid of doing your task imperfectly, as neglecting to do it.

Be active in everything good! God rewards richly!

God never asks if we can; He asks if we will.

It does not matter if adversaries condemn you, when God blesses you.

If we knew what God knows, we would always want what God wants.

If fervent love for the truth dwells in you, Then in your life it will miracles do.

The more you serve the Lord, the more you want to serve Him.

Man numbers the congregation but God weighs it.

You write the book of life by how you live; as the author, you are responsible for the book's contents.

People who agree with you may not necessarily be your best advisors.

Whoever opens the door to evil suspicion closes the door to fellowship.

Word of the cross can set you free; 'Tis able to resolve life's many problems.