Thought for the day

Your whole life is a race toward eternity.

For a Christian, death is not a period but rather a colon: the doorway to life.

There are many things to say, but have you anything to give?

Don’t be so busy working for God that you lose your relationship with God.

Injustice and peace can never be united.

If your Christianity is not making you happy, it is probably because you are not practicing it.

Your daily work is not apart from your Christianity; it should be a part of your Christianity.

Whoever wants to serve will quickly find someone to serve.

Help pull the load, instead of being on the load.

Great is the person who is able to make others great.

Do not be as afraid of doing your task imperfectly, as neglecting to do it.

Be active in everything good! God rewards richly!

God never asks if we can; He asks if we will.

It does not matter if adversaries condemn you, when God blesses you.

If we knew what God knows, we would always want what God wants.