Choosing songs for edification

Written by: Redaksjonen | Published: Thursday, November 03, 2011

“We cannot predetermine which songs we will sing during a meeting. It is the direction the meeting takes that determines which songs we use,” says Torstein Skutle during the brothers’ conference at Brunstad. 

At the brothers’ conference at Brunstad the music leader, Torstein Skutle, is getting ready along with the rest of the musicians. He is responsible for the music during the meetings and chooses which songs will be sung throughout the meeting. What is behind these song choices? 

“We cannot predetermine which songs we will sing at a meeting. That would be very difficult; It is the direction the meeting takes that determines which songs we use. Our meetings are tremendously edifying, and the Spirit that moves us is mighty. From that edifying Spirit, we find songs that fit with that same Spirit, and with the theme of the meeting. 

Who has written these songs? 

“It is clear to see that our songs have been written by people who themselves have been in battles. Many of the songs were actually born out of the situations of life they have gone through. These are songs that reflect a deep inner longing of those who have written them,” says Skutle. 

When the first meeting is over, Torstein is soon conversing with a good friend from South Africa, Tielman Slabbert. Tielman is among those who have been edified, along with several thousand others who are there. “The songs and the music mean a lot,” he says. “There is a spirit in the songs, which stays with us, so that when we are tempted, the songs come back and speak to us.

The songs also mean a lot to Torstein Skutle personally. “I sense that I need them. It gives me something for my spirit, and it gives me strength in my daily circumstances. Therefore, I am incredibly thankful for the song treasure that we have. They are good songs, which are a great benefit and great help for me. 

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