Lay hold of your heavenly calling!

Written by: Kåre J. Smith | Published: Saturday, March 13, 2010

Kåre J. Smith began this year’s Sisters’ Conference with a powerful, faith-strengthening invitation to lay hold of your heavenly calling. Frøydis Bratlie was one of several people who expressed her great appreciation for the help in this gospel.
“The devil is working hard to take away people’s heavenly calling!” Kåre J. Smith opened his message with this at Brunstad this morning. He made clear that when you have received this heavenly calling, you have to make sure occupy yourself with things that belong to this calling, and learn from the Father, so that your life can be thoroughly true. “Then Jesus begins working with you, so you become free from sin – completely free!”

Listen to Kåre J. Smith’s entire message here.


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