Anointed by God – serving with gladness

Anointed by God – serving with gladness

Written by: I.M. Larsen | Published: Tuesday, October 16, 2012

“You can serve the Lord with gladness through all life’s situations.  Imagine having a life like that; no more dark days,” says Kåre J. Smith in a message to young people at an international conference at Brunstad.

Toward the end of the meeting, opportunity is given for personal testimonies.  Many, many people go up to profess their personal hope after what they have heard; very many youth are gripped by what they have heard.  Just what is it that has had such a powerful effect on them?

Many, many people go up to profess their personal hope

Keld Borch of Denmark and Gjermund Gansø of Norway are two of the many thankful people.

“The Holy Spirit was powerfully present at this meeting,” Keld says enthusiastically.  He adds that it was exceptional to hear Kåre J. Smith, among other people.

“What characterizes Kåre Smith is that he speaks with a tremendous power in the spirit, something that clearly influences you.”

Keld and Gjermund each have responsibility for the youth groups in their home fellowships of Copenhagen and Bergen respectively.  They are asked, “What was it about this meeting that had such a strong appeal for young Christians?

“We heard from Kåre Smith that young people are called to be servants of Christ, servants who are anointed with gladness in all of life’s situations,” Gjermund replies.  “That we are not called to go around as downtrodden Christians who are oppressed by sin – because that is no life for a young person, he stressed.  We are to be freed from everything that weighs us down!”

At this meeting, both Keld and Gjermund gained new insights about living their lives as God’s servants.

When we come to the life that Jesus lived, and get an anointed ministry before God, Then we will never more have a dark day

“We heard that Jesus came into the world as a servant.  He was consecrated for the ministry, in that He said to His heavenly Father, ‘Behold, I have come to do Your will, O God.’” (Hebrews 10:9), says Keld, explaining how everything Jesus said and did was in Holy worship to God, and He was anointed with the oil of gladness more than His companions. (Hebrews 1:9).

When we come to the life that Jesus lived, and get an anointed ministry before God, Then we will never more have a dark day, as we heard from Smith.  We have joy in all life’s situations!

But what is an anointed ministry, and how do we enter into it?

“The concepts ‘consecrated and anointed’ are taken from the Old Testament,” explains Keld.  “Everything that was to be used in the ministry in the tabernacle was consecrated and anointed, and it was never to be taken out of the temple to be used for any other purpose.” (Leviticus 8:10-12)

God cannot anoint someone who has impure thoughts

– “It is God who anoints,” adds Gjermund.  “God cannot anoint someone who has impure thoughts, who backbites, looks at pornography, or anything like that.  This was brought out very clearly during the meeting. ‘You must turn away from all of that.  You must acknowledge the truth about yourself; then the truth will make you free.’”

Consecration of a servant of God

Keld nods in agreement.

“There are many young people who give up when they discover how bad their human nature is.  Maybe they have tried for several years to do what is good, but then they discover that their best works are contaminated by their egotistical human nature. (Romans 7:17-19) But that is the point at which you actually ought to think, “Yes!” because then you reached the place where God can enter into your heart and do something.”

Keld and Gjermund converse enthusiastically.  This something they experience regularly in their work with the young people; also, they remember very well how not so long ago they themselves were on the verge of giving up when they experienced how they came up short as young Christians.

Behold, I have come to do Your will, O God

“As Kåre Smith said, we each have our day of consecration when we have to choose the direction for our life,” continues Gjermund.  “And then we must choose whether we want to live according to our own lusts, or if we want to say as Jesus did, ‘Behold, I have come to do Your will, O God’ (Hebrews 10:7, 9) If you choose the latter, then I have to say, your life will take off.”

Letting God take control in your life

But clearly it is a battle; it is a battle to make that decision, emphasizes Gjermund.  He explains that this means you can no longer live according to your own will, but must start living fully according to God’s will.  “People often don’t understand the long term consequences of this decision before they have made it.

Gjermund remembers well how he came to the point where he had to choose his direction in life.  The choice Gjermund made changed his life.  “I remember praying that God would take over control in my life; then I was born again and filled with The Holy Spirit!



I wish that everyone would receive the Holy Spirit

Keld also remembers well the distinct difference it was to try to live for God before he received the Holy Spirit, and after.  “I really wish that everyone would receive the Holy Spirit,” says Keld sincerely.  “It becomes a source of joy and is like a motor within you.  Then God can come in and give you all the power you need to live a life with Him.

Germund speaks earnestly about the peace and joy you get when you receive the Holy Spirit as a motor in your life.  “You only have to answer to God.  That makes life amazingly simple,” he says.

The Holy Spirit becomes a source of joy and is like a motor within you

“Many people wonder how to serve God in one way or another,” adds Keld.  “But if we have been anointed by God for the ministry, then our whole life is a service.  You do not need to be a missionary in a land far away, or do other ‘great’ things.  Your service is right in front of you every day.”

“In all points tempted as we are!”

It is written about Jesus that He found himself in appearance as a man,” adds Keld.  “Right in the midst of living for God, He found His own will.  In fact, it is written that Jesus was in all points tempted as we are, but that He never sinned. (Philippians 2:2-8; Hebrews 4:15)

“There are many times that I think, ‘Oh, why did I say it that way,’ etc.” continues Gjermund.  “And then I become terribly sorry and pray that God will give me grace to do things better.  But this sorrow is actually a very good sorrow.  It is a sign that the Holy Spirit is working with me. It is the Spirit who helps me, continually prompting me so I can become more and more like Jesus and partake in His virtues such as kindness, goodness, love, righteousness, and so on.”

It is the Spirit who helps me, continually prompting me so I can become more and more like Jesus and partake in His virtues

“Then I notice that the next time, there is a greater anointing over what I say and do, so that it has a better effect on the others, continues Gjermund.  “When I am humble and poor in myself, then God comes in and anoints my ministry so that it is good and blessed to be together with me.

When you are anointed, do you always do everything right?

“No,” they both say in unison.  “Life is a constant growth and development.  In the different situations in my daily life, the Spirit shows me what is right and wrong, and I must be true to Him!  Then I am rewarded with anointing from God to the degree I have been faithful,” concludes Gjermund.

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