Coming soon: The August conference, 2011

Coming soon: The August conference, 2011

Written by: Trond Eivind Johnsen | Place: Oslo, Norway | Published: Tuesday, August 09, 2011

“When we gather for a conference at Brunstad, we have great expectations of a festive time of edification.”

Kåre J. Smith, the leader of the church writes this in the foreword of the brochure that is distributed to all conference attendees. He continues by writing, “The almighty God Himself will speak to His church and form it into the praise of His glory for all of eternity.” That is the reason so many people are eagerly anticipating the August conference that is about to begin – the people who will attend in person, as well as those who will follow along via TV and satellite broadcasts.

The purpose of the August conference

Since the 1950s, our summer conferences have been at Brunstad. Starting in 2005, this was expanded to two summer conferences each year because so many people wanted to attend that there wasn’t enough room for everyone to be able to come at the same time. Another consideration for the August conference was scheduling it to better accommodate the vacation schedules of many those traveling from various parts of Europe.

What will happen at the August conference 2011?

Like , this conference will also be a highpoint for everyone who comes. Here are a few of the things people can look forward to:

Family Day – A fairy tale world

Saturday, August 13, the conference will commence with children’s activities. The entire property of Brunstad is to be transformed into a fairy tale world for the annual family day. Children will be able to buy ice cream, cotton candy, and other goodies as they go from activity to activity. Since the theme is a fairy tale world, the children are likely to meet some well-known fairy tale characters.



The main conference

The main conference is the primary event and will include six edifying meetings where God’s Word will be spoken with the goal of encouraging personal growth and the growth of the church as a whole.

At the meetings, anyone with something edifying to share is welcome to contribute, whether it is a message or a song.



Youth conference

The youth conference has three meetings. The gatherings are led by youth workers from different local fellowships, and are especially geared toward young people ages 13-36 years. Most attendees have an active interest in developing a personal life with Jesus Christ; this will be the focus of the messages in the meetings.


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Musical and show

As a part of the children’s activities, the different churches throughout Europe often present entertaining and instructional musicals. One of these will be performed at the conference. This year, the musical is about Nehemiah, and will be put on by the Austrian fellowships.


Soccer and volleyball

During the conference there are two exciting sports tournaments: a volleyball tournament and a soccer tournament. Most of the churches that have opportunity will bring a team. To win, you have to train hard well in advance of the August conference.


The brothers' gathering

The first brothers’ gathering was held during the summer conference in 1965; it is also planned for this year. On one of the conference days, the boys and young men ages 14 – 25 go to an island in the Telemark region for a day filled with fellowship, teaching, and edification.



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Outdoor Challenge

Outdoor Challenge United tests the participants to the limit. This year the focus will mainly be on teamwork. First, they will spend a whole day competing in very difficult tests of knowledge, perseverance, logic, precision, and teamwork; thereafter, the two best teams will compete in a spectacular finale in the main auditorium at Brunstad.



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