Easter Conference at Brunstad starting soon

Easter Conference at Brunstad starting soon

Written by: Tove Rebekka Johnsen | Published: Tuesday, March 30, 2010

For many people, Easter means holidays and a time to relax. But at Brunstad, people are coming together who are interested in Easter’s deeper content.

“The Easter gospel is in focus,” explains the event organizer, Herman van Dijk.

The Easter conference is one of the big conferences organized by Brunstad Christian Church and this year 8,000 people are registered to attend. All the meetings will be broadcast by satellite television, and about 20,000 people will follow the message preached from the podium at Brunstad. The conference starts on Good Friday and lasts until Easter Monday.

One of the highlights of the conference is on Easter morning when the entire congregation stands and sings the Norwegian Easter hymn, “Easter Morning quenches sorrow”.

“The greatest thing about Easter is that Jesus rose from the dead. It was then that the way was opened that we can follow and become His disciples,” reflects Herman van Dijk.

Lots for the young people

The meetings at the conference start on Friday afternoon, but beforehand there is both an ice hockey tournament and a volleyball tournament at Brunstad for the youth. The sports events attract 600 young people from Norway and other countries. This year there were about 80 participants from North America.

The youth also have an important place at the conference itself. “We have regular meetings, but also youth meetings, which are intended to awaken the youth for their heavenly calling,” says Herman van Dijk.

The young people in the church greatly appreciate the youth meetings—and many of them have made important decisions for their lives at these meetings.

Herman van Dijk tells that a special youth café will be set up in the conference center this year. “This is a great new offer for young people aged 13-25,” he says.

The youth café is situated at the north end of the “Oasen” cafeteria and will form a good setting for a conversation over a reasonably priced meal.

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