A striking life story becomes film

A striking life story becomes film

Written by: brunstad.org | Place: Hallingdal | Published: Thursday, September 09, 2010

“If anybody asked him questions about his life and the gospel, he became enthusiastic and almost inexhaustible,” says Trond Sjemmedal. Now he is making a film about his father's interesting and eventful life, as a contribution to this year's film competition in Brunstad Christian Church.

Around 40 volunteers were involved during the filming sessions that took place in Hallingdal in Norway in the summer.

It was hectic week of filming, and church members enthusiastically carried out their roles as actors and extras, producer, director, photographer, rigging, lighting, sound, costume, props and more.

Trond Sjemmedal is the son of Roar. He has an interest in film production and this gave him the idea to use film as a tool to tell his father’s story.

“Dad is the man I know best, who really burned for the gospel. He was a quiet person—he didn’t say much, right until the conversation turned to the gospel and what it had given him,” says Trond, who is convinced that the life story of the father can have an inspiring effect, especially for young people.

Could have become bitter

Trond remembers his father as a missionary in his own way.

“He didn’t run around from door to door with leaflets, neither did he travel the world. But if anybody asked him questions about his life and the gospel, he became enthusiastic and almost inexhaustible. He wanted to share it,” says Trond thoughtfully.

Roar Sjemmedal could easily have become bitter towards God; anxious and sad, especially because of his early years. As an only child lost his mother at age 12, and his father when he was 23. In an amazing way, he was led to the Gospel, which freed him completely. Roar became cheerful, happy, thankful, good and gentle until his dying day.

 “We are making this movie to continue some of the work that my dad was doing. What he lived for. What made him so happy in spite of difficulties when growing up. We hope we manage to convey some of that,” says Trond.

Film competition

The film competition is organized every year to create interest in film making in local churches. The competition aims to have an inspiring effect and help young people develop their interest in film and media production.

Production of films for this year's competition will take place until the New Year and prizes will be awarded at the 2011 summer conference.


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