Fellowship for YEP boys on a trip to the Ukraine

Fellowship for YEP boys on a trip to the Ukraine

Written by: Magne Larsen | Place: Ternopil, Ukraine | Published: Friday, December 09, 2011

Thirteen boys from five different countries, with five different cultures, on a trip to Eastern Europe.

Early in November, 13 boys from the Youth Exchange Program (YEP) traveled to Ukraine, with the conference in Ternopil being their main destination. Emanuel Calan (24) from Switzerland is the organizer of the trip. He says that the main purpose of the trip was to get to know each other better. It was also interesting to experience this country's culture, which for many of them is so different from that of their own countries.

What made the biggest impression on the trip organizer himself was to see that the same good atmosphere and power that he experiences at the conferences at Brunstad, was also present in the Ukraine. He was also very grateful for the opportunity to be able to work at the Brunstad conference center when he saw how much Brunstad means for friends in the Ukraine and the rest of the world.

Brunstad does in fact mean a lot for many people, primarily because of the message that is preached from there, and transmitted by TV and the Internet. Several young people in YEP are involved in this work! For example, working with posting songs and music on the Internet, as well as literature that has been translated to many languages. Some of them are also involved in television production.

The conference center in Ternopil was built in 2008, largely funded by missionary money from Brunstad. With a lot of help from YEP members from many countries, this has become a fantastic conference center for the friends in Eastern Europe.

Danyel Iakob (20) from Ozorne in the Ukraine is one of the happy group of travelers. He speaks enthusiastically about his experiences on the trip.

“I think that when you shift the focus away from yourself, and over to making it as good as possible for the others, it becomes especially good to travel together”, he says with a broad smile. “Then we get on extremely well together, despite differences in age, culture and interests.”

Danyel also says that the boys got to experience a fantastic conference in Ternopil. He adds that he prioritizes attending meetings and gatherings to hear God's Word, spoken by people who live what they speak. “I need that in order to live in the right way myself”, he says.

“It was also very encouraging to be with so many people who have exactly the same goal of living a victorious life”, says Danyel enthusiastically. “When I return to the daily life, and God tests my faithfulness, it is of great help and encouragement to think about my brothers who are fighting the same battle against sin in the flesh.”

It was a happy group of young men who returned home to Brunstad, strengthened in their faith!

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