India Challenge 2011: Operation Ascent

India Challenge 2011: Operation Ascent

Written by: Rebekah Falcao | Place: Alwaye, India | Published: Thursday, May 12, 2011

A race against the rains: 12 young people in two teams strove against each other to reach the summit of Aeli Hill and plant their flag first to win India Challenge 2011, before the clouds opened up and brought temporary relief from the scorching heat.

This was one of the highlights of the youth conference last month in Alwaye, India. It was a game of endurance, strength, strategy and concentration, where young people put their minds to the test and pushed their bodies to the line to win the prize.

“Through this competition, many young people who before this weekend didn’t even know each other’s names have worked together and created bonds that by God’s grace will never break,” says Ben Oommen, one of the organizers of the competition.

Ben, together with a group of around 20 co-workers, led almost 60 participants successfully through every stage of the competition.

Though bruised and tired at the end of the day, everyone was happy that they could crawl, run, lift, laugh and work together with like-minded young people. 16 year old Solomon from Mumbai was one such participant:

“The Outdoor Challenge was so much fun. We gave our best at every post! I got to know new friends from the different churches in India and abroad.”

Ben likes what he hears: “To see how these young people worked together to complete the tasks was fantastic!”

“It builds fellowship and unity between the fellowships. This is exactly what we wanted to achieve with this competition,” he concludes with a big smile.

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