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The “much more” salvation

Receiving the forgiveness of sins certainly is the beginning of salvation, but there is much more than that.

Unfortunately, this “much more” salvation is little understood.

Article: What is salvation



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What is salvation? The common understanding of salvation is receiving the forgiveness of sins through Jesus' death for us. That certainly is the beginning of salvation, but there is much more than that.” From the article What is salvation?.

A common phrase among some Christians is “once saved, always saved”, but salvation comes with conditions. Other Christians may be struggling with questions like “Can I lose my salvation?” or “Am I saved? How can I be sure?

So how exactly can we be saved? There are two parts to salvation: first by repentance, and then by entering into a life of overcoming sin through the obedience of faith. But how many are willing to deny themselves, take up their cross, and follow Jesus on the way of daily salvation?

May these pages be like living water for you who are longing for more and who seek true salvation from the sin that dwells in our human nature.

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