Bless the others, my friend

Interpretato da: Marte G. Hansson | Melodia: John R. Sweney | Testo: Elias Aslaksen

2010 © Stiftelsen Skjulte Skatters Forlag –

 1. Bless the others, my friend! Bless again and again!
Break the vessel so spikenard can flow.
It must not be contained; let it flow unrestrained!
Pour out blessings wherever you go.

There’s anointing to serve,
Yes, a boundless reserve.
Take no measures, its flow to impair.
There’s abundance for all,
Both for great and for small.
Do not spare—there is plenty to share.

 2. O what good it will do, and it’s given to you.
When you bless, you receive from the Lord.
So anoint everyone; give as God gave His Son.
Freely bless! This is nothing to hoard.

3. Every miserly soul is in Satan’s control—
But to bless and to give is your call.
Judge your brothers no more. Let the
blessings outpour—
Yes, a river of blessings to all.