The day of redemption approaches

Interpretato da: Mats Jakobsen | Melodia: Elihu Pedersen | Testo: Elihu Pedersen

2010 © Stiftelsen Skjulte Skatters Forlag –

 1. The Day of redemption approaches;
Nearer ’tis with each passing day.
Let us be patiently waiting;
Soon the Lord will call us away.

O my dear friends, what a comfort!
Soon we shall be called away.
Then we’ll go home to our Savior;
Nearer ’tis with each passing day.

2. In suff’ring we all must be humble
If the Lamb of God we would know.
Soon He will surely exalt us;
Home to Him forever we’ll go.

 3. With burdens we often are laden;
Trials can be hard on life’s way.
Burdens are lightened by singing,
“Nearer ’tis with each passing day.”

4. Dear friends, who are yearning and longing,
God is soon to give His command.
Then He’ll perform this great wonder:
In a moment, changed we shall stand!