We have a home on Zion's Hill

Interpretato da: Marte G. Hansson | Melodia: Isabel Kennedy | Testo: Knut Nyland

2010 © Stiftelsen Skjulte Skatters Forlag – www.brunstad.org

  1. We have a home on Zion’s hill,
And at the thought our hearts do thrill.
The Lamb we’ll see there face to face
And all the saints in that blest place.

Our Father’s house—O place of peace,
Where songs of joy shall never cease!
Like many waters they’ll resound.
We hasten on, for we are homeward bound.

2. To Zion’s mount we now have come;
A flame doth ever burn thereon.
There lies God’s city, fast and sure,
By His consuming fire made pure.

  3. Upon the Mount the Lamb doth stand,
Where fire and Spirit have command.
And those who stand there at His side
Are pure as virgins—His chaste bride.

4. Upon their lips there was no lie;
They suffered for their calling, high.
They are the Lamb’s; they’ve borne His shame.
Each one has suffered for His name.