Come to him

Interpretato da: Robert Balazs e Torhild Log | Melodia: Solveig Bekkevold | Testo: Solveig Bekkevold e Morten Parelius

2010 © Stiftelsen Skjulte Skatters Forlag –

When did you last take the time to ponder,
Ask yourself where life is leading you?
Do you sense God tugging at your heart strings?
Do you hear Him gently calling you?

Heed His voice! You’ll not regret it, ever!
Even though you feel so weak today.
What you have been and done –it does not matter!
Just begin again to seek God’s way!

Yes, I know, you’re wond’ring if you’ll manage to abandon
Things that to your heart are very dear.
But those very things that hold you back and seem so precious
Close your mind to heaven – that is clear!

Come to Him! Fear not what you must suffer.
Jesus walked this way of suff’ring, too.
And for you He strives, still interceding;
He will open prison doors for you.

Come to Him! Don’t put it off till later!
He will give you vict’ry over sin.
Do not let your chance pass by unheeded;
Act today! On life’s new way begin!

“Try Me now, ” says God; you’ll find He’ll open heaven’s floodgates
Over you, if you’ll obey His word!
When you bring the tithes into the storehouse, nothing sparing,
You will surely taste that God is good!

Heaven’s power and joy will fill your being!
Cast your load on Him, He cares for you.
You’ll be free from all your endless striving!
He will meet your need as no one else can do!

Eve’ry day God gives you life, remember
That at your side you’ll always have a Friend!
His glory He will share with you forever.
You’ll have peace and joy that knows no end.

Eternally! Eternally!