Futuro e Sperenza

Pubblicato: 09. ottobre 2014

Dio ha pensieri per un futuro e una speranza per noi! Questo è il tema di questa canzone cristiana incoraggiante, cantata da Torhild Log e Robert Balazs.

God promised a future and hope,
A time full of labor and life,
A youthtime filled with blessing,
True purity possessing.
You called me to a life eternal.

I give all I have, all I am.
In return You give me joy abundant.
Far more worth than gold and silver
Is God’s good pleasure here,
For He blesses those who walk in godly fear.

But I have an enemy whose only goal
Is to steal and kill and to destroy.
Help me stand my ground
So Satan has to flee;
With Your mighty power strengthen me.

Oh God, You look down from on high.
You send us Your peace and Your joy.
Pure hearts receive new power
And courage for each hour.
You leave none to stand alone.

Oh, think what a chance I’ve been given!
Think that I am one of those You called, Lord.
What the world has to offer
Is so empty and vain.
Jesus all of my heart I give to You!

Prodotto da Brunstad Christian Church