La torcia della fede

Scritto da: Åshild Opitz | Pubblicato: 04. dicembre 2015

Nonostante le tante situazioni della vita, la fede in Dio è una potenza che ci porta attraverso ogni cosa! Ascolta questa canzone incoraggiante e d'ispirazione di Åshild Opitz riguardo alla potenza della nostra fede. Cantata qui da Ben Janz.

As we, on life's journey, are tested,
New pathways of faith are revealed.
And just like a book that is opened,
Our thoughts are no longer concealed.

The torch of your faith – keep it burning.
We know that with faith we’ll prevail.
We know and believe that the trials we face
Are all weighed on God’s heavenly scale.

In helplessness and in great weakness,
We cry out to God in our need.
He rides over the heavens to help us.
And sends out His angels with speed.

When Christ, God’s own power and wisdom
Becomes our one treasured delight,
We rest so securely, we trust in His goodness,
Through even the darkest of nights.

Unbelief closes your heart to the light.
Doubt drags you down in despair.
But faith makes all evil and darkness take flight,
And banishes worry and care.

You wish you could see what the future
Will bring you of joy or of pain.
But God knows your heart and with wisdom
Has planned every step of your way.

So lift up your head and go forward.
In Him you can trust and confide,
Assured of God’s care as He saves and He leads you,
Each day He will walk by your side.

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