Perfect time to start

Scritto da: Steven Cooper & Oliver Tangen | Pubblicato: 19. febbraio 2014

Ne hai avuto abbastanza? Hai avuto tutto ciò che puoi avere. C'è una grande speranza per te, non aspettare oltre. Credi semplicemente e troverai ciò che il tuo cuore ha cercato a lungo.

Questo video musicale è prodotto e interpretato dai giovani della chiesa locale di Vancouver in Canada.

You go on your way,
You just live day by day,
Have you had enough?
You’ve had all that you can take.
There is great hope for you,
Yes, I know that it’s true,
Let your heart open wide,
Let Jesus come inside!

Matters not, who you are,
If you give Him your whole life today -
He’ll guide you all the way.
As His gentle voice inside,
Is tugging at your heart,
It’s the perfect time to start.

Don’t wait anymore,
He has so much in store.
Just believe and you’ll find,
What your heart’s been longing for.
Break free from your sin,
Let new life begin.
Let this be your day,
Lift up your voice and pray!


Brunstad Christian Church
© Copyright Stiftelsen Skjulte Skatters Forlag