Help me will and do, O Jesus

Framförd av: Andrea French | Melodi: Ellida Kjeldsen | Text: Arne Bæklund

2010 © Stiftelsen Skjulte Skatters Forlag –

 1. Help me will and do, O Jesus;
Help me that rest in Thee increases.
In the depths, my place to find—
Grant me a greater servant’s mind.

2. Help me comfort the travailing,
Help those who battle, aid the ailing.
Help me bless that sorrows cease,
And in Thy name to bring them peace.

3. Help me wait and seek Thy will, Lord;
Help me to speak and to be still, Lord.
Help me words of grace impart
Each time I meet a troubled heart.


  4. Quietly Thy will fulfilling—
This is my longing; I am willing.
Works Thou hast prepared for me,
I’ll find and do, Lord, faithfully.

5. In Thy Spirit I’m rejoicing;
Praises and thanks to Thee I’m voicing
That Thy footsteps I can see;
For Thou hast made a way for me.