Hope for me

Framförd av: Buddy Coblentz | Melodi: Oliver Tangen | Text: Oliver Tangen

2010 © Stiftelsen Skjulte Skatters Forlag – www.brunstad.org

1. I was lost without hope of a better life
For a life lived in sin, I had paid the price.
Sought to please myself, how empty I felt,

2. Each pleasure I tried never turned out right,
Life instead weighed me down, like a cold, dark night.
And all Satan’s lies plagued my heart and my mind.

“But is this what I want?” I then asked my heart.
“Is there hope anymore?  Show me how to start,
To get victory now… is it possible still?
My Jesus please help me, live like You and do Your will!”

3. It then became clear Jesus wants my all,
He’ll strengthen the heart that is true and whole.
“Me and my” no more, my heart is all Yours!!!

“Dear Jesus please help, You can strengthen me!
I will fight the good fight; stand unshakably,
Through my day, today, in each battle I meet,
I know you can help me, to expose Satan’s lies and deceit!”

4. And now how I thrive, although battles will come,
For fight here I must, ‘til the vict’ries won!
I will never fear, for my Jesus is near!

Now my heart can rejoice, now I understand!
I will come to the goal, by Gods mighty hand.
He has hope for me, He won’t let me go.
God called me to victory, He has chosen me, I know!