Jesus, my savior, thy greatness

Framförd av: Buddy Coblentz | Melodi: William J. Kirkpatrick | Text: Ingrid Bekkevold

2010 © Stiftelsen Skjulte Skatters Forlag –

 1. Jesus, my Savior, Thy greatness I see—
True Son of Man in a flesh like as we.
Weak and despisèd, esteemed not of men,
Yet Thou art King of all kings, Lord of heav’n.

O Son of Man, blessed Thou art!
Yet here the cross, with its anguish, Thy part.
Suff’ring alone—bitter Thy tears.
Thine be the glory for unending years!

2. Homeless and poor, yet no murmuring word—
Never were any demands from Thee heard.
But words of life from Thy lips daily fell;
Thirsty souls drank of that life-giving well.

 3. When Thou didst strive in the garden alone,
Bathed in Thy sweat, in travail Thou didst groan;
There all did leave Thee alone thus to fight.
Yet, Son of Man, Thou didst conquer with might!

4. Here ’neath the cross, long and weary the road—
Rugged Thy pathway and heavy Thy load.
Stricken, afflicted, forsaken, and scorned,
Mocked, contradicted—Thy crown was of thorns.

5. All else is dung when compared unto Thee;
Honor and greatness mean nothing to me.
Humiliation, but later a crown—
Lord, I will follow; my life I’ll lay down.