Lord, of thy ways

Framförd av: Jennifer Bertelsen | Melodi: Unknown. | Text: Olga Olsen

2010 © Stiftelsen Skjulte Skatters Forlag – www.brunstad.org

 1. Lord, of Thy ways now my song shall be,
For worthy Thou art of my praise.
Come, poor in spirit, and hear the Word;
His love follows us all our days.
A refuge strong in all need is He;
He dwelleth in contrite breast.
He gives the hungry the Bread of Life;
The weary find peace and sweet rest

  2. Sing to the Lord, O my soul, with joy,
And praise Him, my tongue, all your days.
Homes of the righteous exalt His name;
The humble alone give Him praise.
For He Himself is the way of life,
Where fools cannot go astray.
Now is the kingdom of heaven nigh;
The humble of heart find the way.