The way to heaven

Framförd av: Laura Sanchez | Melodi: Pauli Sander | Text: Andreas Nilsen

2010 © Stiftelsen Skjulte Skatters Forlag –

Brunstad Christian Church
Ways of the Lord no. 394
© Stiftelsen Skjulte Skatters Forlag

1. The way to heaven is
Narrow, with thorns entwined;
But all who choose this way, happiness find.
Strait is the gate, we know;
Through it we each must go.
Battles just stir our faith onward to go.

2. Downward the way doth wind—
I'm lifted, heart and mind;
All is corruptible on earth, I find.
My spirit glad can be,
For from the flesh it's free.
In all that comes my way, glory I see.


3. I've vict'ry on the cross;
It frees from flesh and dross.
To my eternal home, patient, I run.
Suff'rings that I must bear
Add to my glory there.
Nailed to the cross by faith—vict'ry is won.

4. Lord, I give thanks to Thee;
Thou knowest best for me.
Wherever Thou dost lead, I'll follow Thee.
Chast'ning and trials long,
Which from the Father come,
Bind Jesus close to me by love's true bond