To walk in the light gives us gladness

Framförd av: Jennifer Bertelsen | Melodi: Eugen B. Sørensen | Text: Eugen B. Sørensen

2010 © Stiftelsen Skjulte Skatters Forlag –


To walk in the light gives us gladness and peace;
The good seed will grow there and daily increase.
In love every brother with joy we receive;
Our fellowship deepens with all who believe.

What glorious light shines from heaven!
O blessed the light God imparts—
Revealing the laws He has given,
Enlight’ning the eyes of our hearts.


Where light shines, there always is growth and new life,
But nothing of boasting or bragging or strife.
There’s no place for envy or jealousy there,
But rather humility, love, and true care.



The light brings our foolishness clearly to view,
In things that we say and in things that we do;
But if, in the light, we acknowledge our sin,
Then wisdom, by faith, comes where folly has been.


The upright can always rejoice in the light;
They hate all the evil within brought to sight.
They’re purged in the “ocean of light” all their days.
The Giver of light, their Creator, they praise.