Only by faith

Skriven av: Laurentze Mørch och Charles H. Marsh | Publicerad: 08. augusti 2013

Denna fantastiska sång om tro av Laurentze Mørch och Charles H. Marsh för att öka vår tro i vårt dagliga liv. Här framförs den av Catherine Kennedy & Sarah Kennedy Berge.

Only by faith can our strivings be ended.
Faith is the only true way unto peace.
When we by faith are of Christ apprehended,
Fountains of blessing will flow and increase.
Barriers are broken. Promises spoken—
God will fulfill when by faith you obey.
Doubt keeps us under. Faith will do wonders!
Everything changes! O glorious day!

Faith is the spark, all the darkness dispelling.
God we behold with great wonder so pure.
When we face trials, there’s joy in us dwelling,
If we with patience and faith will endure.
No “buts” we say then—just “Yea” and “Amen.”
All things are possible! Faith makes a way.
Doubt just dismays us. Faith will sing praises
In tribulation. O glorious day!

Only by faith is true rest to us given,
Like a weaned child, so serene and so blest.
Glorious law in the kingdom of heaven:
Rest gives us faith, and through faith we gain rest.
Prayers get replies now. We have new eyes now.
Fullness of blessing God gives on this way.
Satan is fleeing! Victories we’re seeing!
Day of redemption! O glorious day!

Ways of the Lord #274
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