«To the people who once walked in darkness»

Skriven av: Richard Savage | Publicerad: 11. december 2015

Richard Savage skrev denna upplyftande sång om evangeliets ljus och hoppet det ger till dem som är trötta på syndens mörker. Här framförs den av Buddy Coblentz

To the people who once walked in darkness
There has shone forth a glorious light.
Those who lived in the flesh
In the shadow of death
Have received a hope so bright.
Unto us has a Child been given;
The Messiah has come to earth.
God’s own Son has come down from heaven;
A new star proclaimed His birth.

Jesus’ life was a light in the darkness,
And mankind saw the glory of God.
From a child, through his youth,
Filled with grace and the truth,
Faithfully God’s way He trod.
Every word of God’s law did He cherish
To destroy all of sin and strife.
And He died that man should not perish,
But have everlasting life.

His disciples do not walk in darkness,
For they follow a marvelous light.
We are saved from all sin
Through the knowledge of Him
To be righteous in God’s sight.
By His grace we receive revelation;
All the blind can receive new sight.
All can now be a new creation
Through obedience to God’s light.